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Tee Strainers

TS Strainers & Filters provides custom fabricated Tee Strainers that are compact in size and designed to remove foreign particles in a wide variety of process and pipeline applications. These strainers are similar to temporary strainers but include their own housing, can be mounted in virtually any position and may be left installed as a permanent safeguard in the line.

A standard Tee Strainer is constructed of carbon or stainless steel material although other alloys are available. The strainer can be provided with a flanged cover, but davit arm assemblies and quick open closures are also available. Other options include mounting legs, special linings, pressure gauge taps and drain taps and vents.

TS Strainers Tee Strainers are fabricated to meet the specific needs of each application. Additional requirements for special design pressures and temperatures, corrosion allowances, marking or tagging and code stamp can be specified.

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